About Qdos Entertainment

Qdos Entertainment Group (Qdos) was established in 1999, in a major expansion of what was formerly Nick Thomas Enterprises. Qdos is now wholly owned by husband and wife entrepreneurs, Nick & Sandra Thomas.

Between 1999 and 2021 Nick led the teams that created one of the largest broad-based entertainment Groups in the UK. The history of Qdos is firmly rooted in traditional entertainment values. Nick grew the business both organically and by acquiring new complementary businesses that could be run by highly skilled management teams. By 2019, what started as a small family business, run from a spare room, Nick & Sandra were responsible for 1,200+ staff across 21 sites. Having turned 60 in 2019, they re-evaluated life and decided to find new owners for Qdos’ two core businesses, HQ Theatres & Hospitality Ltd and Qdos Pantomimes Ltd.  

In March 2021, Nick & Sandra sold HQ Theatres & Hospitality Ltd to Trafalgar Entertainment Group led by Sir Howard Panter and Dame Rosemary Squire, partnered with Barings, the global investment and pension fund manager. 

In May 2021 they sold Qdos Pantomimes Ltd to Crossroads Live Holdings UK Ltd and add an acquisition vehicle partnered in the US by Raven Capital Management LLC, and chaired in the UK by David Ian.  

Nick comments,  “I had taken HQ Theatres & Hospitality as far I could over 15 years, so the time had come to seek the right buyer where the business could complement an existing model. HQT & H was a perfect fit for the fast-rising Trafalgar Entertainment Group, and for our friends Howard and Rosemary, the acquisition of HQT & H heralded a welcome return to regional theatre management. During the 2019 pantomime season, (my 39th),  I had decided the time had come to ‘hang up my fairy wand’ so, during 2020, I negotiated with Crossroads Live Holdings UK Ltd to purchase Qdos Pantomimes Ltd. The sale was unique as it endorsed the existing producing partnership between Qdos Pantomimes CEO Michael Harrison and Crossroads Chairman David Ian, both of whom are long standing friends and colleagues.  Sandra and I are delighted to have sold both businesses to such skilled and experienced people, who we know will look after the businesses for years to come”  

Nick & Sandra have retained their Qdos Entertainment brand, which will continue their adventures in the entertainment and leisure sectors. Qdos also continues to operate the following long-established businesses.  


Qdos Productions

Adverset Media Solutions

 Five Star Collection

Qdos Entertainment Limited. Registered in England and Wales, company registration number 03017503. Registered Office: Elsley Court, 20-22 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8BE